The wonder of Kym is that she’s insightful when it comes to what I need individually for my body and mind to work at their best level. She listens, watches and understands the ways to bring the best out of me that I didn’t even realize I was capable of. Laughter mixed with vigilance and fantastic knowledge makes for the best workouts of my life!
— Lauren Spencer

Kym is everything you want in a trainer. She is inspiring, motivational, and charming! Kym immerses herself in her own teaching which is refreshing as well. I love that whatever you are going through she can level with you and you feel like you have someone rooting for you on the sidelines.
— Gaby Penaherrera

Kym listens to my goals, hears my challenges then fine tunes to get my body to a place of peace with itself. She is personable and beyond knowledgeable on every level. Connecting nutrition to the process of developing physical strength and mental awareness has been the missing puzzle piece. She’s not only a special human being but is the 360 package. For me personally, she brings an understanding of the uniqueness of the female body in all it’s different life stages which has truly been a game changer.
— Kate Kelly Smith