Define Health

“Creativity Takes Courage”


Art has a way to heal our minds and bodies through expression.

Sometimes words fail. I have found that there are some emotions and experiences that I simply do not have the words to work through and it's in these times I turn to art. Sadness, anger, fear, resentment and any other "bad" feelings aren't something to hide away. They are as normal as the sun setting and rising. I believe the more we as a society try to down play these emotions or tell ourselves not to feel them because they are bad and therefore so are we for feeling them, the less we are actually able to handle them as they come. I believe art or creativity is the missing balance to this. You can't appreciate the beauty of a sunrise without the darkness of the night, there is no happiness without sadness and no life without death. We live in a world of dichotomy and that is precisely the point. Yes, it's uncomfortable and yes it can be painful sometimes but sometimes it's okay to be uncomfortable and from that pain we find growth. So don't shy away from those feelings thinking you'll feel better with some chocolate. Find some time to dig into those feelings and if you can express them in a safe way. You don't have to be Michelangelo to paint, you don't have to be Misty Copland to dance and you don't even have to share your art with anyone but yourself. The point is that you express, get a little messy and release the tension from your body.   


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This page is dedicated to using art to not only express but to heal. Each photograph and painting is used to work through everything I experience as a human being from simply seeing the beauty of the world around to how I deal and live with depression. Feel free to submit your work to be featured and include how art helps you in whatever way it does!