Personal Training

One on One training
30 minutes - 60 minute session

In one on one sessions we begin by learning your body. So many of us become disconnected from ourselves be it from years sitting at desks or from injury. When was the last time you actively engaged your hamstrings? Exactly. So we begin by strengthening the main stabilizers of the body and learn your movement patterns and limits. Then we build, based on your goals, the body into an efficient machine capable of doing all the things you love with ease and zero pain.

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Online Coaching

Workout Programming Plus Virtual Coaching
6-12 week programs

Out of NYC? Know your body but don’t have time to program or just need a little motivational help to stay consistent? With online coaching we write a plan for you to follow and build upon as you go. With weekly check ins and access to me as needed to work through plateaus, emotional road bumps and whatever life throws your way. 

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